Okay This Is New… My First Blog Post

Welp.... here goes.  It's my first blog post.  I'm always down to try something new (within reason) and I've always wanted to blog, but I was intimidated.  Well fear thought it had me on the mat, but I got up, brushed myself off, and body-slammed that b***h.  Now it's:

Me - 1

Fear - 0

Okay, so not really.  I can't tell you how many times fear has kicked my butt.  That should tell you that it's too many to count.  But THIS time, THIS experience is the one that counts right now.

See, there was a time when I let fear (and it's cousins dread, shame, and anxiety) control my life.  It still does sometimes, but not nearly as often.  What?  Did you think I was gonna say "but not anymore"?  Nah... I'm not telling that lie.

Fear is one of the feelings that will hold us back from doing the things that will fulfill us the most.  But most times fear is just that... a feeling.  It's usually brought on by a "what if" scenario that is happening in our minds.

When I was thinking about starting this blog, I feared (thought) I wouldn't be able to set it up.  Well, it's set up and I did it.  I feared (thought) I wouldn't have anything to write about, but I'm typing right now.  I feared (thought) nobody would read it.  Yet, here you are!

I guess the moral of this first blog post is to look fear in the face and tell it "Move out my way because I've got things to do."  If it doesn't move, just do what you have to do with it sitting there.


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