Heyyyyyy  Y'all!!


I'm Tarchelle.  I'm a totally mature adult who loves playing with stickers.  I also love pretty stationary, great pens, and planners...  Definitely can't forget planners!!  It's how I manage my life, which is about as interesting as the spreads I create in my planners.

Besides using planners to manage my busy life, family, and job, I also use them to manage my Bipolar Disorder.  Whoa!  Don't hit the panic button or send your sympathy.  I've actually learned to manage it well and I'm living a very full and wonderful life.

I have a husband, kids, a full-time job, side-hustles, friends, and so much more.  I love to travel, eat, and (of course) plan!

I decided to start this blog as an extension of my YouTube channel where I share how I plan and tips on managing mental health using planners.  Basically, I share what has been helping me, as well as some of the things I've learned on my journey.  And what a journey it has been so far!

I hope you will join me on this journey.  We're going to have a great time creating pretty stuff along the way.

Come on. Let's go!

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